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Founded in 1938

The STAX INDUSTRIES, LTD. since its founding has made every effort to obtain 'live' sound in music reproduction. The closer the music reproduction
to live sound, STAX believes, the very soul of music is understood the more and the true art of music maybe appreciated by all music lovers throughout the world. The products made by STAX are the outgrowth of many years experience by trial and error under this belief More new products of higher reliability and more exciting features are in the process of tests and completion.

Remembering the Classics

Since 1938



Audiokey - STAX SRM-T8000 - REVIEW

Audiokey - STAX SRM-T8000 - REVIEW

WRITTEN BY K. E. HEARTSONG THE TOP-OF-THE-LINE (TOTL) ELECTROSTATIC ENERGIZER (AMPLIFIER)! Imagine a treasure within arm’s reach, but a lack of ...
STAX SR-L300 – Hörgenuss der Extraklasse

STAX SR-L300 – Hörgenuss der Extraklasse

Voller Vorfreude eile ich in den Paketshop, um endlich den STAX SR-L300 zum Test abzuholen. Ich hatte in meiner vorangegangenen Recherche nur Gut...

Stax SR-L300 Electrostatic Headphones Reviewed

Stax is known primarily for one kind of component: electrostatic headphones. Its first headphone/amplifier combination, the SRD-1 and SR-1, were released in 1960 and are legendary today. Currently the company has nine models ranging in price from the $455 to $6,200, and rather than referring to their offerings as headphones, they market them as “ear speakers.” This time out, we’ll dig into their least expensive ear speaker, the SR-L300 (buy at Amazon). Like all Stax headphones, the SR-L300 requires either an adapter (which Stax no longer makes) that lets you use any power amplifier, or one of Stax’ dedicated ear-speaker amplifiers, which range in price from $6,825 for their top-of-the-line SRM-T8 BK to $1,299 for the SRM-400S, which Stax sent along with the SR-L300.