Bundle Set SR-003MK2 + SRM-D10 (85th Anniversary Gift included)
Bundle Set SR-003MK2 + SRM-D10 (85th Anniversary Gift included)
Bundle Set SR-003MK2 + SRM-D10 (85th Anniversary Gift included)

Bundle Set SR-003MK2 + SRM-D10 (85th Anniversary Gift included)

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Earspeaker System (SR-003MK2 + SRM-D10)

SR-003MK2 (Earspeaker)

Experience the next level of audio finesse with the STAX SR-003MK2 headphones. With a diaphragm film now 15% thinner and lighter like the S-002, these in-ear wonders deliver unparalleled clarity. Equipped with a STAX 5-pin PRO bias code, they effortlessly connect to driver units featuring a PRO bias output socket, ensuring seamless integration into your audio setup. Enjoy extraordinary sound quality and portability in one exceptional package.


  • Type: push pull electrostatic, canal-type in-the-earspeaker Frequency response : 20 - 20 kHz (±4dB)
  • Static capacity : 44pF (including attached code)
  • Sound pressure sensitivity : 110dB/100V r.m.s. / 1kHz
  • Bias voltage : 550V – 580V
  • Ear piece : L/M/S size made of silicone rubber (M size equipped at factory shipment)
  • Cord : 5-pin for STAX PRO bias, 6-core parallel, total length 1.5m Weight : 38g (including code), 12g (main part only)
    Dimension: 28mm (diameter)
    Overhead arc weight : 15g
  • Dimension: 28mm (diameter)
  • Overhead arc weight : 15g


Discover the revolutionary STAX SRM-D10, STAX compact electrostatic amp/DAC, liberating your audio experience with modern Stax electrostatic headphones (PRO bias) on the go.

Encased in a sleek aluminum chassis, this portable amplifier boasts a built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, granting you the freedom to enjoy music anywhere, anytime with greater convenience than standard electrostatics offer. With its high-resolution DAC, the SRM-D10 effortlessly handles DSD128 files and supports PCM audio with a sample rate of up to 384KHz. The astronautic-level high voltage amplifier guarantees impeccable high-frequency response and unwavering performance. Meticulously chosen internal components reflect its commitment to uncompromising quality. Equipped with a standard STAX 5Pin connector, this amplifier flawlessly pairs with all STAX earspeakers. Embrace the limitless possibilities of audio excellence with the STAX SRM-D10.


  • Frequency response : 20Hz - 40KHz (+0dB,-3dB)
  • Rated input level : 230mV (100V output)
  • Maximum input level : 10V (minimum volume in analog input)
  • Gain : 53dB (450 Times)
  • Harmonic distortion : <0.025% / 1KHz - 10KHz
  • Input impedance : 10 KΩ(analog input)
  • Maximum output voltage : 200Vr.m.s / 100Hz-10KHz
  • Bias voltage : DC580V
  • Supply voltage : DC14V
  • Power consumption : 6.4w (USB Input) 5W (Analog Input) Recommended operating temperature : 0-35°C, <90% RH (No condensa- tion)
  • Dimensions : 140.8(W) X 75(D) X 32(H) mm
  • Net weight : 450g
  • Gross weight : 1.4kg
  • Signal input : MicroUSB digital input,
    3.5mm analog input
  • 3.5mm analog input