Best High-End Headphones

STAX SR-007A Electrostatic Headphones

Electrostatic headphones sound like nothing else out there and anyone who is serious about their headphone listening should experience a pair for themselves to understand what I mean. The STAX SR-007A “Ear-speakers” hit that sweet spot for me in terms of comfort and performance unlike anything else, from a headphone standpoint, that I have experienced thus far. They produce pure, weightless musical energy seemingly devoid of distortion and effort and at a volume that can well surpass reasonable need. And they produce all the bass I could want in the bargain. Combined with either one of the STAX SRM-700 amplifiers, one is presented with a reference level home listening setup that could ruin a person to accept anything less. Is there something better out there? Perhaps, but I’d wager not without a significant increase in cost and for an incremental gain at that. If budget were not an issue I would purchase these outright and use them as a reference. I find them to be outstanding in every regard and that I had every right to be in awe of their ancestors in my youth.

Carlo Lo Raso, Co-Editor