Review | Stax Audio SRM-700T Amplifier / Energizer for Electrostatic Headphones

Recently, Stax has introduced two new amplifier/energizers for electrostatic ‘phones. These almost identical looking amps are called the SRM-700T (tube version) and the SRM-700S (solid-state version). Both of these amps are priced at US$3400, and the output stages are the only difference between them. While the “S” model uses FETs to drive the ‘phones and the “T” model uses a pair of 6SN7 dual triodes as output devices. Outwardly, the two new amps strongly resemble the older Stax amp/energizer called the SRM-007tII (still available at US$1780). Like the new SRM-700T, this amp uses a tube output, but in the case of the older design, the tube in question is a single 6FQ7/6CG7, a dual triode (half for the right channel and half for the left).

Carlo Lo Raso
25 February 2020