A Visit to the High End 2019 show in Munich - TNT Audio

The sound of this system seemed to me a little "loudness-like", yet I must admit it was pleasant to listen to and, above all, catching, toe tapping. Maybe it was also a matter of the music played, but I had the impression that this system worked as it should have: an attraction for those who may be interested in domestic music playback but cannot count on big finances, like we all were during our youth... ;-)

The system proposed by the Japanese STAX for Eur 2.700 consisted of their SR-L 700 Pro electrostatic headphones driven by their SRM-D10 portable DAC/amplifier. I quite couldn't get the sense of providing a mobile amplifier, since this combo dimensions and weight didn't seem to me the most comfortable to carry with you while strolling around. Yet, its sound was really pleasant to these incompetent ears, so maybe it can be a neat music-relief provider to pack in your suitcase for your next business travel - you surely must be a busy and successful businessman to conceive such a personal stereo ;-)
Sounds Clever - Stax

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